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Medical Team
Answering your challenges & questions
• Documented research results
• Established goals and metrics for success
• Prioritised implementation roadmap
• High-fidelity, interactive digital prototype, tested by real users
Case studies
We have worked with organisations globally for over 10 years and are proud to be an integral part of their growth strategies.
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Our Work

Explore examples of how we've helped organisations to grow and realise their vision.

Connecting Transport

A new management system for a new fleet of Metro trains. GIZMO We worked with Nexus to design and build a management system for their new...

Transforming Hospitals

Creating hospitals of the future. Partnership We’ve partnered with leading construction and architectural companies to deliver digital...

Digital Patient Experience

Reinventing the entire appointment process. Research & Development Working with clinical professionals from the NHS, we worked to...

Mobilising Field Services

All-in-one system to manage contracts, customers and jobs. System Consolidation We created all-in-one system to manage facilities service...

Shaping Innovation

Managing research and development throughout the NHS. Partnership We worked in partnership with the Academic Health Science Network to...

Creating IoT

A platform to deliver data analysis and rapid automated calculation. Software Development We developed an engaging and user friendly IoT...

Evolving Needling

Optimising needling practices. Research & Development We are working with the NHS to research and develop new ways of positioning...

Training First Responders

Bringing realism to training environments. Lifelike We are working with Paramedic teams to bring realism to training environments using...

Delivering AgeTech

Working with clinical commissioning groups. Pathways We have worked with clinical commissioning groups to study elderly care pathways,...
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