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Delivering AgeTech

Design Sprint
Working with clinical commissioning groups.
We have worked with clinical commissioning groups to study elderly care pathways, especially where reactive treatment is needed for an incident that may have been prevented.

Through identifying the root cause of incidents, we have realised opportunities to introduce preventative practices and smart technologies to improve care and reduce the demand on primary and secondary care services.
Smart Care
We’re helping to harness technology innovations to create efficient and effective care systems to relieve the burden on constrained healthcare services.

Exploiting self-service and automation, these systems help to prevent situations that would otherwise create the need for excessive care programmes. Smart internet enabled technologies can also help to reduce the impact of social isolation.
Medical Team
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Answering your challenges & questions
• Documented research results
• Established goals and metrics for success
• Prioritised implementation roadmap
• High-fidelity, interactive digital prototype, tested by real users
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