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Experience your digital future, now.

A made to measure, user tested,

interactive digital prototype, in 30 days, guaranteed.

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Millennium Moonwalk Guarantee

If you wouldn't moonwalk the entire span of the Millennium Bridge just to keep hold of your new prototype after completing our design sprint, and if we absolutely couldn't make it right, we will agree to refund our workshop fee in full.
Want to learn more about our quality guarantee?
Learn more about the Millennium Bridge here
Our Design Sprint is a process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones. 
It compresses potentially months of work into several days.
Before we write a single line of code, our rapid prototyping delivers an interactive user experience to help capture realistic feedback during concept testing. The fastest we've done this?  3 days, from meeting a customer to having a high quality digital prototype published online.

Map & Sketch

Define the challenge
Produce a mass of solutions


Curate and vote on best solutions
Define the prototype with a storyboard


Design and build the prototype
Recruit and schedule user tests 


Test the prototype with real users
Use feedback to confirm next steps

This new concept for training people in needling techniques will deliver untold benefits on a global scale"

Simply brilliant. Our nurses now have more quality time with patients, improving patient experience and quality of care..."

Exceptional. When Captain America shows up to host a design workshop with the children, you know you're on to a winner!"

You're coming with the right approach, and the right solutions, at the right time... this is game changing"

Our students loved this whole engagement. The increase in levels of engagement is nothing short of breathtaking..."

The MRI VR app will help to significantly reduce the effects and financial impact of failed appointments"

Through our new OMNIA system, we're set to change the way that we manage innovation and the positive impact to the NHS is stellar"

Discover how our Design Sprint can rapidly solve your challenge
Medical Team
Contact us
Answering your challenges & questions
• Documented research results
• Established goals and metrics for success
• Prioritised implementation roadmap
• High-fidelity, interactive digital prototype, tested by real users

Case studies

We have worked with organisations globally for over 10 years and are proud to be an integral part of their growth strategies.
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